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Premium cannabis shipped to your doorstep.

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A year of essential oils

Buds for Your Budz

Quads and trips. When it comes to bud we don't fuck around. We've handpicked flowers that will get you higher than a kite so check out what we have in stock today.

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Staff Pick: BuudaBomb Edibles

The homies over at BuudaBomb sent us these to try. We had a blast popping these gummies until we all ko'd. Next time I'll try and remember not to overdose at work.

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U66 is the new plug

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We only pick products that smell good, look good, and smoke good. You might as well let us make all your life decisions from now on.

Customer Service

Years in the trap have taught us the ins and outs of this business so you know we don't play when it comes to customer service. #facts


Always lowkey and always on time. So, tell Becky not to worry. Your “essential oils” come discrete and hassle free.

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