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Transportation of the future.

As traffic in major cities increase, our mission became clear; create an affordable electric bike without compromise.

To create the perfect electric bike we focused on three areas of improvement: design, comfort and performance.

Design & Comfort

In Asia the streets are scattered with mopeds and scooters. Used for a quick trip to the grocery store, or for long commutes to work, the upright form factor in mopeds is important because the average commuter doesn’t want to hunch over when riding for long distances.

Steve McQueen Scrambler

We used Steve McQueen’s scrambler as inspiration to craft a beautifully designed electric bike which has become our obsession.


Until recently, a bicycle with enough juice to go the distance was a pipe dream. But with the rise of high-capacity batteries, electric transportation is now better in every way. We’re talking faster, stronger and more reliable than any bike, and best of all you’ll never have to touch the pedal.

UKIYO66 bikes are the future and we stand by that. Our mission is not only to replace bicycles with electrical ones, but to create a strong alternative to motor vehicles. It sounds crazy, but if you could see what we’ve seen, the future no longer looks like a highway full of traffic jams, honking cars and silly accidents. Instead it’s one where you choose where you want to go and you don’t stop.

Ready for the best joy ride of your life?