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Invite-only. Because loyalty is royalty.

How to get an invite

Because we're so 🔥 emoji, we can't let any and everyone up in this bitch. Kinda like how you wouldn't let just anyone in your house...unless they have pizza. So unless you got pizza, here are a couple ways to join...

1. Join the mailing list

Sign up for our dope ass mailing list. We send new waves of invites every so often.

Join the mailing list

2. Make your first purchase

If you're already a member, and want more invite codes to send to your friends make your first purchase and receive two invite codes.

Make your first purchase

3. Share on Instagram

We share Invite Codes via our Instagram @shop.u66 every so often, but if you need one immediately, post a photo on Instagram with the hashtags #ukiyo66 #moreinvites and tag us.

Share on Instagram

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